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The Planet - lyrics

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- Attention! Nr.75... your mission is to get close the planet and try to connect
- Got it!
- Platform 5, gate 29, get ready to fly!
- Got it!
- Countdown to exit:
- Hello base this is Nr.75 and we've just arrived the land.
We wanna get some information before we start to land.
- Ok.'75 this is Captain Zenix...We just recieved the information
There's life present on the land and now we know that this strange
place's called EARTH.
- You said there's life down there, is it right to harmonize?
People of this planet.. Is there faviour in their eyes?
- Hold on '75 wait on the line.This people dosen't seem so friendly
No act unless you get a sign. It's dangerous. This people're full of hate.
- Listen base! I found a cahnnel of a human radio station.
I'm waitin for the last order, and ready for communication.
- This command, I do in sorrow: Just break off all connections!
All units, turn back to base! Last order! We leave this planet of death...

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