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Subordinate To The Domination - lyrics

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Anxiety provides the aspect of days
Dislodge and make them disappear
Domination in sadistic ways
All you hear and see is fear
Inferior to the superior
Restictive ways to live
Enter the lists against the conqueror
Oppression is not destructive
Trapped in prevailing insanity
Vindictive minds in restraint
Fortification of pugnacity
Life in a domain
Subordinete to the domination
Life ruled by fear
Subordinate to the domination
Distinction, resist and persevere
Being swayed by agony
Obedience and compulsion
Subordination eternally
Revolt remains an illusion
Deprived latitude and domination
Turned up in implacability
Grievous visions and confusions
Belief in vanishing disparity

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