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Systematic Instruction - lyrics

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The propaganda machine
Is spreading a prophet's doctrine
Everywhere are effigies
Contributing to insanity
The dictator is calling out his canonization
A perfect cloak for coming aggrandizement
He's leading the land to divine ecstacy
Controlling the masses: He's omnipotent
Children marching off to war
Persueing a sacred end
Manipulated legionaries
The theory's drummed in their heads
Guided weapons or gas can't stop 'em
Obedience to orders, execute them blind
Killing, destroying, almost imperturbable
But don't blame them: The brainwashed minds
Systematic instruction
Total conformation
Religious indoctrination
Sacred transformation
Inspired by a former regime
Learned nothing from world war two
Stirring up hate against opponents
Leading the country into doom
Born and raised with religion
Fanatic and ready to fight
Contrary to non-supporters
They were told to be right --

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