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Crimson Course - lyrics

Don't you think it is strange
Whenever you speak of what you feel
The sound leaves your body like a cry
A burning sigh
And still I cannot explain
Whatever chills me thrills me more
If this fire burns will you let it warm me first
For the sky shines in you
And familiar light
Unfolds me and unravels me tonight
Ahah… ahah… ahah…
Here I feel alive
Even though my heart it skips
I'll take the risk
Here I realize
Even though my fate's undecided
Still I will cross the bridge
Here I stand my ground
Even though the earth it shakes
I'll take the risk
Here I climb up high
Even though the branches may break
I'll force it into bliss
I have imagined this place
Whenever I spoke of it aloud
The sound left my body like a cry
The burning sigh
Yes the sky holds a promise
For you and I
Unfolds us and unravels us tonight
Don't remember
Don't start hesitating now
And whatever you do
Don't look down
Do I fall or do I fly?
Will these pricks sail home tonight?
Will you follow on
The crimson course?

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