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Symphony of Light - lyrics

I’ve been waiting up for you
In the darkness
It’s a thing I like to do
I watch you fill the bitter room
With honey
Replacing all of me with you
And the cries
That no one seems to hear
Are no longer here
I am as good as you are on
Your best days
I take the bad on all the worst
And it doesn’t matter when or why
Your heart breaks
If your heart breaks then mine will burst
And you wonder
Why I’m strong when you are stronger
Can you please
Colour me a symphony of light
Take me high
Take me high
I will colour you
A deeper blue tonight
So please don’t
Fade the colours back to white
One day I’ll fill this empty space
So hollow
And in my solitude be free
I’ll paint the blank spaces and I will know
That my mind’s
Polluted by no one but me

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