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The Lotus And The Willow - lyrics

A tree and another tree
Each by their own but underneath
A heart shaped knot of roots
Connects entire woods
It's a fine line between
Solitude and being lonely
Like a flower and a tree
That were never meant to be
‘cause he told me
Like the lotus and the willow
At the river by the meadow
Come the fall she will sleep
And the willow it weeps
And like all the star-crossed lovers
Say goodbye to one another
Like the willow I weep
Like the willow I weep
And it's a cold winter
And a cruel fate
You'll bend your branches down
I dig my roots into the ground
We used to be so close
We used to be so close
Love has transformed your face
I'm so sorry for how love
Arched your back for one embrace
Bring back our one embrace
I'll do anything

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