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Black Horizon - lyrics

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As we turn round to face it the great debate
It really captures us with clutches of estate
So unleash them them the dogs of war
With veils of ignorance
They will win over our souls
Where's the promised land they always mentioned
Did we pay our dues at last
Where's the growth of man and how we'll gain it
It's the breakthrough of our time
Reach out the golden spread of silver hawks
The gates of heaven open widely
Separate on the black horizon
Truth and nature divide
Marching on through the black horizon
It's the answer within
Born to lead them on
Start out choosing the sun
Beyond any conclusion the light from far
Has grown inside of us the will of chasing on
Look but no more than what you have
You better walk the path
Inner quest and be bold
While they step on
The perfect chrome will come
And so the path
Stars will be collided
Roars of evil breaks

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