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Double Cage - lyrics


See but deny it creeping around in despair
Blast my good fortune never
it stood by glaire

Watch this mind my ego
Will reach from behind
Fever turmoil alter minded
Change my bind

Is he fearless bentless
Like my stab on your back

Double cage
On and on
Countless beliefs all now turn blind
Double cage
Fear what's sewn
Breaking my peace with your terms wide
Can you see what could be prooved disorder

I could not risk more
Sanity holds me in strains
Glow in desire
Blood lust corrupting my brains
Change your act extinguish the fire in sigh

Blend with the cage
Fire is holding and gripping the
Vaults you are opening hard
Blend in with the cage
Breathing the words
I will give you while you give it
All back to me

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