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Your Sister's Handwriting - lyrics

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One drop was all it took
Throwing rocks through ice
How is our footing chosen wisely?
Do you hunch over?
You know my shrug
And I can't pass
The past if it keeps coming back but
We were great
We were an awkward handshake with initials etched in your pale
The reactions we detest but the conventions we admire
Just like I was told, more than hampered half the time
Romanticize, hold high hopes and no record of wrongs
This isn't me, this isn't me, this is me
So bitter towards a flower bringer
Life is so beautiful, life is so beautiful
Don’t say I didn’t take this seriously
More fabricated events
To pad your diary
I tried, I tried, I tried, I tried...
I got under her to get over you
Never assume that they aren't insensitive everyday
At the drop of a hat, the cost of having is giving to the hilt
But this looks like shame
Do you still believe the words written across your back?

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