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09 - "Inert tragedy" - lyrics

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Life is bitter story We live once, come to me
I see fear around me You are still near to me
Some people are pretending We know all enemy
We´re stronger, you and me Together we prove it
And you hear me in the night
And you feel me in the fright
Such situation
Need you all the time
And you say „You´re only mine“
No separation
I wanna be like you Who keeps me from fallin´
My pain doesn´t die away Freedom, I am callin´
I feel the power of hell And listen to chime bell
Never comes longing silence My season of the end
Fallen deep to secret in your mind
It´s not good turn
Fire is insecurity light
And destroy it
Tears of death will be your end You can say everything
Don´t believe, I´m not too blame
I won´t pray for nothing
Why do you still despise me, Life is not book of tales,
Where don´t win such any fakes,
Let´s be nice, I devise
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