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10 - "Noise in the trees" - lyrics


Far away I´m only looking for a licence, I´m already know
Never more Your name won´t be said by myself

Dead is the chance to catch your friends
Some of them, them met you there
Remember what you want to do now
To dance with the Devil right now

See the place Where my heart is comin´ tonight, ….???
But you are Not there and won´t be never again

No more Tell me the things what you are so
Sorry you try
No more Memories I don´t want to hold You
know why

MAny wants to see Any wants my eyes
Never tell me that I am right Once again you want to know
What´s coming now This is my prophecy
Stand up,

I can´t find you lost behind the gate
Never wanna feel the pain
I don´t wanna be any renegade
So let me go on my way

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