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Thief's Lullaby - lyrics

I'll steal the dawn, I'll steal the day
I wanna steal the time so never come again
I wanna strip the night, I wanna never die
All these perfect moments you're sleeping around.
You'll never flee away,
'cause I gotta keep you coming through the race
I wanna steal the day that's dropping folly smile
Every growing clutters deep inside in your heart.
What a day, oh, flawed another day ...
Tell me should I feel another greasy pain,
Crowded place, a lot of mighty aches,
Tell me what's the meaning of unneeded cry?
As you've never felt this pain I'd rather steal the day,
I'd rather loose a gain,
Rather many times never see a smile
Indeed to go astray and try to leave it behind.
What a day, what, what a day!
Call me many times to see another plain,
Other smile followed by a crime,
Madness like a river turning into cry.
Was a meteor in the sky?
Was a matter of crime?
Was a devil behind?
Was an angel inside?
What, what is the same?
What will happen again?
Was a climax denied?
What a meaning of clime!
What'll happen with the smile?
Was a matter of crime?
Was a thief of the time?
Was the sorrow in heart?
What's the need of a trial?
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