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Die, Doctor, Die - lyrics

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~The Doctor~
Is this death? Is this the end?
My life cannot take precedence over that of a friend,
Is it time, time to say goodbye?
I might regenerate but it feels different this time.
Brave heart. I know you're smart,
So follow that advice you've always given me.
Hold on, stay strong,
Be the hero you've proved you can be.
In your death many enemies would delight,
You mustn't go down without a fight,
Look through the fear, look through the pain,
You've survived before, now you can do it again.
You must not die; you're needed here,
It's not your time to disappear,
Since we met on Traken fair,
I knew that you would always be there.
I know I'm gone, I'm sure you know
That it's not yet your time to go,
Regenerate like you did last time,
Your face is only one in a much longer line.
I did not deserve that cure,
My life is not more precious than yours,
It's all my fault that here you lie,
This can't be time to say goodbye.
Die, Doctor, die!
Let your life flash before your eyes,
Die, Doctor, die!
Die, Doctor, die, Doctor!
Die, Doctor, die, Doctor!
Die, Doctor, die, Doctor, die!

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