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Final Call To Boarding - lyrics

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Who knew a flat tyre could lead you astray?
When I wandered into that police box one day,
Bigger within than it was without,
But I still had to cry, had to scream, had to shout.
"Where's the pilot? And where's the crew?!"
Saving the world, it's what they do,
My Auntie's dead, shrunk by a man in black,
Who then killed the Doctor - my ticket back!
This is a final call to boarding,
Heathrow is calling,
Turbulence through time and space,
There's nothing I wouldn't do to leave this place.
The Doctor's not dead; well that's a relief,
The fact he changes his face is beyond my belief,
Adric's a trap; what is going on?
I've landed the TARDIS - what could go wrong?
The Doctor needs to relax, I hope he's trying to,
But Castrovalva's dimensions are all askew,
Adric built this world on the Master's command,
But we'll escape together, hand in hand.
This is a final call to boarding,
Heathrow is calling,
Please read the safety instructions,
Bet they don't include alien abductions!
You're understanding me now, I hope,
'Cause an angry Australian - you can't cope!
An Urbankan spaceship with a frog at the wheel,
And the Mara in my head - I don't think I'll heal,
Three centuries too early with lizards on the run,
You may like cricket but to me this isn't fun!
I want to go now, before we take a nasty turn,
Before I have to mourn over one of our urns.
This is a final call to boarding,
Heathrow is calling,
Emergency, now please prepare,
We'll all die here if you don't take care.
Adric is gone now. What could I do?
I've saved the world, but I can't save you,
I'm finally home but what good is that?
My life feels empty without that Alzarian brat,
The Master survived, yet I don't care,
I'm home at least yet I'm not sure can I bear
A life without the TARDIS crew,
I realized I still wanted to fly with you.
This is a final call to boarding,
Heathrow was calling,
The gates are closing, hurry now,
I'll fly with you again, no matter how.
The TARDIS has departed on,
The Doctor, Nyssa, both are gone,
I should have heard the universe calling,
I missed my final to boarding.
(Happy landings Doctor...)

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