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An End to Tyranny - lyrics

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End the lives of those
Who disobey your rule
This is how you must govern your lands
It must end (It must end now)
We are men, we are souls
Souls to be crushed by an opposer
an evil force of betrayal, deceit and lies
We will face the throne of evil
And tear down the walls of hypocrisy
A new age will dawn for man's freedom
It will be an end to tyranny
Gather your fellow men
Who dare to rise above
What we've faced
The killing and raping of a nation
Under the name of a god (of a god)
For such acts
You must pay
Make your farewells to the ones you love
Its time to fight for what we deserve
For we are men we must be brave
The throne is what we must enslave
Sharpen your swords and armor yourselves
Crave the sweet taste of blood
Of those who have wronged us all
Prepare yourselves
A cathartic quest awaits ...

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