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Beyond the Shores and Lands - lyrics

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Beyond the shores and lands
Is where we have been for so long now
Endless oceans are what separate us both
Pull the oars faster
For we must reach land
Searching left and right
For this hell must end
One with the water and frozen air
On these oceans of eternal nothingness
Across the ocean forever I stare
I must conquer this feat and nothing less
Forevermore this voyage reigns on us all
Sleepless nights and tiring days will not make us fall
Nothing is left of us but our will to survive
We will reach land proudly, strong and alive
Women weep at home for we have been gone so long
But they know our burning will to survive will bring us home
Lives of brothers have been lost in this war against the raging tides
Tragedy and honour is among us yet we have survived
Beyond the shores and lands

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