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Distant Cries of War - lyrics

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Tonight we ride these grounds free of mercy
The power of will with intention to kill
We are bloodthirsty
Shields are at the ready with swords so sharp and cold
A winters night free of light not to shed tomorrow
I will not let the enemy pass by my ground
He will have to face the egde of my sword as he is death bound
I will not back down even till the rising of the sun
His soul is mine till the end of time, and he is many of one
Walking down the trails of death to face our enemies
Their distant cries of war, shall not be left at ease
They shall fear our wrath
Scared we are not
Their chants and battle cries will not do as much as they thought
Hear the roar of a thousand swords striking
Iron to iron is no sound of hiding
Cowardice will not stand in such times like this
Cries of war in the distance will not go unheard
Beaten and Bloodied I am, but my power of will conquers over
Crushing bones and slicing skin will only make my heart grow colder
The smell of death is kicking in but still I won't cave into it
I've gone this long, I've come this far, you must die, my fuse is lit
How dare you lay your sword upon a brother of mine
I will not let death be claimed from him over you
Beg for mercy you bastard, you scum
No gods shall take your side now
And the legend will tell of how we slayed them all
So they would never see the light of day again
And how we were the guardians of this great land
As it remains beautiful and glorious

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