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Path of the Sky - lyrics

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As I step out of my house of darkness
I can see what the sky has to offer
I have lived too long now to have forgotten
What it is that it means and why it's here
I can see and feel the atmosphere
Surrounding me and all life around it
So cold so dark so unquestioned
What reason has it to exist?
Through the darkness and light of the day
I feel it all through my veins
The light that I see burns forever more
Until terminated by darkness once again
The sky tells it all for it's what we see
What we look up to at the start of day
Eternally it's there past the days we die
So we follow the path of the sky
And I walk...
Storms reign over our lands with might
A man can be killed but the sky we cannot fight
There are things in our lives that cannot be controlled
This is one we tolerate till our days of old
Seasons change but we must too
Better ourselves and others to be true
No guide of a god or hope of afterlife
We live in the now, that's what is right

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