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Silencing the Empire - lyrics

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The journey across these lands
Is never ending for time has frozen
Much like the blood covered
Over our armour and swords
The wind blows at a deathlike speed
But it has not broken our spirit
For we have never had a stronger need
We stand and we fall,
But we get back up
We've come this and fought too long
To not push our luck
We are no cowards
We are heathen men
Perdition is in your future
Suffer in thought until then
Now that we've reached the kingdom
We are near the very throne that
Embodies what we've despised
For the longest time
For many days and nights we have
Danced with death all to reach
The one man who's power has gone
For far too long
"We have now entered
You have finally approached defeat
The lives of your men have been claimed
For you've wronged us all for long enough
It's time for you to finally face your demise
And never rule over our glorious lands ever again!"
A new beginning is now at hand
Freedom and prosperity for all the lands
Embrace what you should rightfully see
Seek your life the way you wish it to be

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