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Before I Die - lyrics

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See it all started the other day
I was smoking and, you know
Thinking to myself all deeply
You know how you do sometimes
When you smoke weed
You start thinking too deeply
And it all gets a bit scary.
Anyway, I'm just getting back to the point
Which is I was thinking
About how if I were to die
Have I done everything
That I would really like to do and I haven't.
So this is a list of everything
I'd like to do before I die...
Gotta a make mill and find out just how real
Fake titties feel but with an attitude like mine
I might not die, I might get killed.
Anyway, before I die
I wanna drive a Ferrari and a Harley
Go on safari, withdraw a million pound coins from barclays.
Just for the sake of it.
Just so I can say I did.
So you can get an arranged hatred a
Ad say that I take the piss.
I don't care, why would I?
This is what I wanna do.
I'm talking about me
So why would I give a fuck about you!
At some point I wanna give up the weed
Have a kid and be the dad to my son
My father never was for me.
Maybe even invest some cash for the kids
That I'm yet to have and a little stash of cash
For the lawyers for the necks that I'm yet to snap.
Before I take a bow I gotta do Amsterdam
And get higher than I've ever been
They call me evergreen
I got leaves all year round.
I pop pills and smoke so stop debating.
So if I don't die of intoxication
I'd at least like to be intoxicated
Before I die I want to be rich
I want to be famous.
And believe me I burn zoots.

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