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When the city of the dead awakes
The stars align and the moment's right
I'll feel the pulse in my veins again
That will be our night
Bridge 1:
I've been waiting for this time for ages
To you my way I always find
Through the labyrinths of destiny
I know your love will bring me back to life
and set me free.
Bridge 2:
Time has no power over me
Inside this tomb of solid stone
I still see your face so clearly
I call your name, come my love
Every time I die
You die with me
But in every new life
I will wait for you
I've been a god, I've been a slave
I've had a thousand lives
Between each two - an eternity awaits
But from this dark I always rise
Bridge 3:
Cause our love it will transcend
The boundaries of time and space
One day we'll break this spell
And be together till the end of days

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From the Desert of Desire

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