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Seems that every move of mine has been foreseen
Intrusive thoughts that they control my needs
A target because of every dime I earn
Though my well-being isn't their concern
"Good advice" invades through tv-doors
Unwelcome guests politely sneak into our homes
Bimbos share secrets - never lies
Handsome guys take you to paradise
Bridge 1:
They reach deep inside our hearts and our minds
Your own dreams you don't recognize
Replaced by that blinding desire to buy
I wanna see through my own eyes
Can you see the dollar signs in their eyes
Coins clink as they speak
They'll brainwash you till you forget who you are
"Call us now - satisfaction guaranteed
Buy one now and get one free"
And every word they say is just a blatant lie
There's more to life than anything you buy
And those new formulas they always speak about
Are just ways to make you lose your mind
Read my lips the message hides between the lines
"There's always something missing in your life"
As day by day we sell you even twice
The same old hopes you've bought a million times
Bridge 2:
They smile to your face but the moment you turn
They laugh behind your back. Won't you learn?
It's time to wake up and stop playing their game
Make your life your own again
You're a cash machine of flesh and blood
A slave to your primal needs
Nothing has changed since the times of the flood
They'll always pull your strings
We accept cash or credit cards
If you're broke you can pay with your soul
Heaven's just a call away
Why wait
We can take you there

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From the Desert of Desire

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