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We live into the here and now
And make the most of our time
Our message is so clear and loud
Metal is our life
(It gives us)
Bridge 1:
To walk through hell
Are we one
Let us hear you yell (hey)
Come on!
And anytime
you feel you are down
All you need
Is to hear that sound
And you'll be fine
We've learned one thing from the best
The ones who paved the way
For music time is the greatest test
And metal never fails
Bridge 2:
It comes straight from the heart
No compromise it hits you hard
In your face
It runs through your veins
The adrenaline drives you insane
Let's go
It's deep inside your soul
Since the day you were born
It's been a part of you
It makes you feel alive аnd sets you free
It unites us all
Keeps the fire burning
Makes you break their rules
That's what they'll never take away
No matter what they do or say

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From the Desert of Desire

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