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He heard the sounds
Like his own drum in the sky
Thunder shook the ground
He knew what he had to do
Charlie King in his youth
Father can I join the war
I'll be safe Sweeney said, please father it’s a certain truth
The war is not for children
You stay home where you are
You are our oldest son
Your family's strongest heart
Sweeney heard the sound
Of a drummer drumming close
Not an ordinary talent of a boy
A beating of a drum to set a soldier's boast
Mr. King do you understand?
This boy will be in safer hands
He will be behind the lines with the sick and keep the spirits of the men alive
He saw the frown
Distant fear of a dying son
Tear filled father sitting down
He knew what he had to do
Mr. King, with a heavy heart
Charlie you can join the war
You be careful and know not to go beyond your part
The sound of a beating drum
The shots firing all around
Abbreviate the fear to come
Push on through dangers so profound
The sound of a broken drum
The shots firing all around
Abbreviate the fear to come
Charlie boy, you’re a veteran now!
He saw the frown
Traced in a crimson red
But it’s too late the beloved King is down
He heard the sound
Of his drum up in the sky
Angel reaching down
Antietam claimed another youth
Charlie King in the war
Accomplished at the age of 12
A short legacy, a memory worth fighting for.

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