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Here I am, I'm no poet in disguise
But I'll try to tell you my story.
We lived and roamed upon you
Cherished you, fed upon you
Extracted every need and created
We dreamed, had visions
Infinite possibilities and change
We could fly one day
We could taste the rain
Life carried on, and our needs turned into greed
Thus born material gain
Our visions turned into distorted images
The thirst leading us, not the goal
We craved for attention
And glowed underneath the spotlight
Always the spotlight...
Yet we forgot about love
Tangled ourselves beneath dirty sheets
Searching for comfort, for a home
Our children grew on neglect
Knowing no wrong from right
No values, no boundaries, no limits
Hold her hand, I screamed
But all attempt fell in vain
Beauty never seemed subliminal
We forgot about the essence
Caved into our falsified erections
We were constantly occupied
Always in a rush to make a living
Never cared to fulfill our lives
And our conscience never screamed out of guilt
Yet we failed to hear the planet's cry
Free will deeply misinterpreted
Happiness replaced by satisfaction
We lost the will to imagine, to give, to care
Instead we continued to toxicate the madness
We worshiped and chased our deities
Perpetual dreamers incapable of reality
And here I am, I'm channelling the universe
And I bid farewell to all-creation...
Here I am, isolated from a world I once loved
I can see, that the damage inflicted cannot be undone
I'm to blame, yet these scars left upon you shall forever remain
And I am here, far apart from a place once called home

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