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Lethargic Dialogue - lyrics


You don't need eyes to see me
You don't need ears to hear me
You don't need your body to touch me
You need your soul to feel me
I see ..... I hear.... I touch ... I feel
I remember i slept (but that wasn't) a dream
There was a bottle (on a table, & a dirty) needle
There wasn't a reason, there wasn't a time
It was pure colours, space and light
The dead sun over my head, lighting on my scared hand
Bluring almost everything, travels through my head
I fell like I'm only word, the only son of myself
Seeking joy on this planet, destroying everything else
I've never touched the pure, i'm spreading pain and hate
I've only touched the illness, i'm taking your joy away
I ask to myself for a silence, i can't hear to my screams anymore
(Razor blade is cutting my feelings, just like a fall of the leaves)
We'll never find the cure, useless me and useless you
We'll never find the cure, liar me and hopeless you

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