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Wor(l)d of Pain and Hate - lyrics

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I Hate you, for all dust, for all your dirt
I Hate you, I was never part of you
I Hate you, for all my pain and hate
I Hate you, for all lies and drugs
I am bitter pill called anti-world!
I am the Best Way to Die!
I gonna drown down your last hope and ruin "life"!
Мир - иди на х*й, мне без тебя веселей
Мир - иди на х*й, ты так же противен как венерическое заболевание
С*чьи дети, мне веселей без вас
С*чьи дети, идите нах*й
7 hours of inflamed conscious,
empty bottles of DMX syrup,
"blablabla, blablabla"
I'm too drunk to explain to you something
anyway, all my words are just "blablabla" for you, bitches
you deserve your fucking world!
you deserve yourself!
you deserve me too!
We're so fucking drung and blind,
so fucking blind!

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