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Hypnos - lyrics

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There on a straight line just as they ordered,
There theya re standing with dim empty eyes.
Waiting in silence waiting in order to end the pain of being alive.
They heard a signal from the tower tall,
The tower of submission,
Guilt and control.
Heading the call and asking no questions,
Silence the voices that whisper within.
The world is a series of statements and assumptions,
these will define how you think and comply.
You are moving among victims of masshypnosis,
who receive their instuctions from pictures and screens,
A lie is a lie no matter which mouth that cries the authorised voices have no alibis,
The answer is always already inside you,
Never trust those who say they have the truth.
Don't believe your own eyes,
This place is all made of lies,
Your fellow man programmed limitless thoughts.
Intelligence is boldness fearless is the thinker,
Only then can he think limitless thoughts.
Fear is a blinder,
A defender,
A silencer,
Reserved for those who do not use their minds.
Take back your life,
Dedication to the strife,
Taste the cold steel of truly being alive.
Throw down the shackles of dogmas and standards,
Rise up and leave the realm of hypnos.
Who is speaking inside your mind?

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