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Heat Full Of Love - lyrics

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I want to cut the brakes on every SUV in the world.
And I'd love to burn down to ashes every jewelry store
in the world.
I'd love to drown in crude oil every "spring break"
beach in the world.
I'd love to slap awake every sheep that puts their
faith in the monsters that run our world.
My heart's so full of love...
I'd love to rape a Hilton sister or kill an FM show
and piss on the illusions that you hold so dear
I'd love to silence all the liars
preaching what they know is poison;
piss on their illusions and show you true fear
I want to grind into dust your American Idols
all with a heart full of love...
My heart's so full of love:
that I would save you all if I only could.
My heart's so full of love:
I'd even die for your sins than watch it all fall...
My heart is so full of love...

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