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Movie Star Remix - lyrics

[Intro: Red1]
It's Rascalz
And we make hits
And we remix it, uh-huh
[Intro: Shawn Desman]
It's the Rascalz
With Shawn Desman
And T.A. y'all
So come check it out
[Chorus: Shawn Desman]
Girl you look like a moviestar
You the flyest trip no matter where you are
Ooh yeah, ooh yeah, I love the way you move baby
Girl you look like a moviestar
With your Prada dress and your fancy car
Oh yeah, oh yeah, so just keep on doing what you do
Full blown genetics
Somebody call the medic
These girls look good and somebody gon' get it
Yo them cats sweat it, but they don't get it
'Cause we them cats who's, all up in it
Yo short skirt wearin', tear off what you wearin'
She don't be carin', she live life darin'
And don't like sharin', and them girls starin'
Can't hold them back once she takes off them earrings
Oh oh! Here we go again girl fight
'Cause your style tight and that they don't like
When you pass through it's light the spotlight
Yo gear you rock right, so let them back bite
'Cause I got you, you hold it down, so I got's to
DJ spinnin' the sounds that we rock to
So let 'em gather around just to clock you
'Cause how you move, just one they can't stop you
Hey yo, them girls pretty, and look good daily
So I dedicate this, I hope y'all hear me
I love y'all daily, so keep y'all near me
How you put it together and never once fail me
Y'all do it daily, with or without baby
You, a moviestar better yet you a lady
So I'll ride shotgun, you drive me crazy
Think of you nearly every minute and it's scary
Feelin' you really and I hope that you seein'
The reason you hot if you the force you be it
I hope you agree with, so we can be with
Not only my zipper but you lift my spirit
Hey yo, a real fine damsel girl, we should tango
You do the talk and action I'll handle
Pure satisfaction, we pure waxin'
Though you like it rough so touch without askin'
No one inner touch just long lastin'
Even though I'm in a rush can't stop blastin'
Even though we do what we be doing often
I still want more and you know what I'm talkin', come here
[Shawn Desman]
Everybody's talking, so I gots to take a look
What else can I say, but +this girl she's got me shook+
Ooh, tell me what I gotta do
Ooh, girl I gotta get with you
Ooh, girl you make me feel this way
Tell me what I got to say
[Chorus w/ ad libs to end]

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