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Mad Society / Mad Society - lyrics

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Mad Society
Sometimes I Listen to many voices in my head/ Voices insist on telling me I'm dead/ Towards this mad society I'm no one/ But i'm alive to fight against your clan/ Back to mad society
I see only war and injustice in my way/ The weskers are losers and can't react/
It turn my in to weapons against these pigs/ Now my attitude is clear and
made of revolt
Mad society, alienation/ Brutal force, obliteration/ Whit out money in your
life/ you'd better die/ paranoia, exploitation/ Persecution, hallucination/ No
peace in your life/ You'd better fight
My heart aches when I look around/ indifferents people go on with their
lifes/ They're part of this mad society/1 feel lonely and my power is all gone
Back to mad society

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