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Flux Density (feat. Frank Marino) - lyrics


My mission is accomplished.
I found him. He found me.
He is not who I expected.
The house tells of awesome trips,
Many lives lived.

He talks fast but with many pauses.
He tried to find me again and again.
He says he loved my mother and deeply detested
But he's almost grateful today,
Because this moment pays, pays him back for everything.

There are the times when I lose parts of his speech

He cries and sometimes
He doesn't look at me in my eyes.
I know what he would like to do,
He would love me as all the people do,
He would like to hold me in his arms….

But he doesn't, because he knows me,
Even if we never met he knows me.
And while a sea of words flood this house,
I'm on a cloud.

Coral + father: the biggest door I've ever seen in my head
Is wide open
And gently leads me into the void.
Maybe my fear can have a rest.
Maybe this is my little taste of happiness.

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