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Three, two, one, go
Let it fucking burn
It's not too late to walk away from the ledge
And face another day without a tragedy
What you are driving towards will lead to your demise
You are loosing yourself by holding on to a vice
I'm watching you die but my hands are fully tied
But how could I make you see trough my eyes
If I could make you see trough my eyes,
There's something in us I have always despised
If only I could see all your lies
There's something inside us that's prone to demise
Hurting the ones you should not hurt at all
By turning into what you said you'd never become
If I could make you see trough my bleeding eyes
You could see all your lies ruining everything
With back against the wall, blindfolded and scoffed
We're forced to forget what we seem to have lost
Now do you feel your days are done?
How would you be remembered?
By what you set out to be or defeated by this disease
(Perished by this disease!)
But if you choose the right means to carry out and pursue
A plan to create and build new beginning
You could still save what's left of you

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Self-Resonance (Deluxe Version)