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You are the long range sniper - deadly to the core
But number two's comin' after you and
You gotta settle the score
You're treating men like trophies
Burnin' all the rest
Showdown of the mighty contract killers
Putting you to the test

Fight or be fucked
You've got to fight or be fucked

Double crossed and stitched up
A betrayal close to home
Ice cold gaze and deadly sharp
Escape and have their backs to the wall
Invincible with no fear
Burning them all at the stake
Focused on steel, machined to perfection
Gonna take you out of the race

From the bell-tower to the balcony
Will you pull the trigger, will you bring him to his knees?
Two men vie for contract
One's just go to go
Gunning down in the heat of the night
As the blood begins to show

Perched atop the bell-tower you lick the shot that brings him to his knees
And strikes through the middle of his heart
Picking up the rifle case you exit, sneak out through the backdoor
Never, to be seen again
A perfect shot, a perfect lie, a news event, the devil in disguise
The victor of dealing your death

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