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Alice of Human Sacrifice 【Razzy & Co.】 - lyrics

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["Somewhere, there was a tiny dream.
Such a tiny dream it was,
No one knew who had dreamt it.
The tiny dream began to think
"I don't want to disappear this way.
How can I make people dream of me?"
The tiny dream thought and thought,
And then came up with an idea.
"I'll make humans get lost in me,
And let them create the world."]

The first Alice walked
into the woods of Wonderland
Bravely, with a fearsome sword
held tightly in her hand
Slicing down whatever laid
in her unyielding wrath
Leaving chaos in her wake
by a red bloody path
Then Alice strayed too far,
lost within the woods
Giving in to all her sins,
locking her away for good
Much like the gruesome path
that marked her evil ways
Still her life remains a mystery
till this very day
Second Alice was a tame
and tender gentle man
Singing songs to all the folks
who lived in Wonderland
Everyday he’d sing away
to all the girls and boys
One by one, he’s spreading evil
slowly with his voice
Whenever he would sing,
people gathered round
Madness took a hold of him,
shot him dead to the ground
Blood stained the roses
to a bright and somber red
Once loved and enjoyed by all,
the man was left for dead
The third Alice was
a lovely girl from Wonderland
Beautiful, the girl was born
into a life so grand
She charmed all the people
to her every beck and call
Then she birthed a kingdom
that would rise above them all
This Alice was then crowned,
turned into a queen
Ruling all the people here,
lost within a crazy dream
So afraid of death
the girl was mindless and warped
Once a gorgeous ruler
now she’s just an ugly corpse
Find the bright forest path,
that’s where the journey starts
A tea party with blue roses,
that’s where the forest parts
The invite from the queen, it actually was
The trump card the Ace of Hearts
The fourth Alice was a pair
of siblings who were twins
Straying into Wonderland
is where their tale begins
Wandering across the world,
they passed through many doors
Curious of this new place
they traveled and explored
The stubborn older sister,
the clever younger brother
Were close to see the nature
of the true Alice at hand
Both will never wake up from the
dream that they had planned
Forever they’ll wander hopelessly in Wonderland

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