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Alluring Secret ~Black Vow~ 【Line】 - lyrics

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There was an angel
who had lost both her wings
Who devoted her life
to whatever the world may bring.
She fell in love,
once long ago in the past
In the end she found out, however,
Love just couldn't last...
So heartbroken
the lost angel would have been
She wandered the town,
not knowing what to do.
A girl came by,
the most beautiful she'd seen
With her eyes shining brightly
filled with life, so sweet
Their eyes both met
and it was like love at first sight
She never knew
that a love like this would feel so right
The two drew close,
they broke away the magic lock
And then she opened up Pandora's box.
What she wished she could find was
A fruit filled with vile, had she cared to look,
She would find it in their innocent smiles
"A human with me, how on earth, could it be?
Now all I have to do; destroy it all for you
My heart and soul too.
"I'll just abandon
all the things I have now -
Just as long as I'm able to
love you again somehow;
Without a doubt
I will give up my wings,
And I'll face all the evils
that our love will surely bring."
A bride in black,
at the sacred place of God
She saw a boy,
who she thought was really odd
And through his gaze,
she could see right through his lies
He was smiling even though
He had such mournful eyes.
She froze in place,
as she was gazing at his face
Was she in love
or did she just miss a warm embrace
The two drew close,
then they gave into the lust within
And ran away to start their night of sin
What they had in their hand was a fruit of desire,
With their passion still set ablaze,
And burning bright like a fire
"Are we finally free? Is it true? Can it be?
Within this night of lust, it's just the two of us
So love is a must"
Fragments of time
that we have lost long ago
They will all link us back
No matter what our love forgoes
Now what is left
is all the pain and regrets
But with you here with me,
I cannot help but just forget
Ahh~ All of the things we did wrong
Etched into our bodies
As permanent wounds as we carry on...
The time
has come, the hour of judgement
Before she could act,
she was shot: the maid in black
["My dear, lying cold
I will spend all my life for you
as I swore on that day.
My sin against God…
All my acts of treachery
should be paid by my death,
so I will die for you…
I believe that’s my fate."]
There was an angel
who had lost both her wings
From her lips, spilled the vow,
She was long ago supposed to sing
Saving her lover
from the black depths of hell
Was a feather she left behind
to bid her last farewell
But as she awoke again,
[I love you.]
that's when she broke the spell...
There was an angel
who had lost both her wings
And a bride tainted black
whose eyes never stopped weeping
Even if we are to be punished and cursed
We shall keep our vow alive,
and hold it deep within
While embracing the painful truth
That we have wronged and sinned
'Til the fruits of our crimes
Have rotten and we are redeemed
"'Til the next fateful meeting,
you will live on in my dreams..."

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