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Leia 【Razzy】 - lyrics

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Even if the words you said weren’t spoken
I could only watch my heart was broken
Now I paint away these scars of heartache
On a canvas from the daybreak
I can feel the illusive light
Flowing through, to the end of night
What do you think this warmth could be?
Nothing changes, would you believe?
Before everything falls apart
I remember the pain of art
Days pass by and again I stay
Locked inside, With visions of tainting grey
Dreams and lies that were hidden
A fantasy again
Turn the page of this story…
Tell it to me…
Thinking of my love, the pain and laughter
Maybe then I’ll see what I was after
As I hear your voice, my heart still rages
I cannot read from these pages
Hopefully the pain will end and vanish
Leaving me alone, just end this anguish
Never will these eyes hold back the sorrow
Hold me tight and never go
Deep within this illusive night
Colors fading to black and white
What do you think this warmth could say?
Echoed words, they’ve tainted my life up in grey
Time has come to a stand still
I’m now losing my will
Endlessly in a nightmare
Just Let me live in despair
Whenever the clock hands stop their turning
It feels like the world won’t stop its yearning
Empty words you said as you were screaming
Gave me hope yet had no meaning
If it isn’t hard, won’t you try laughing
Pray away the pain, it’s all I’m asking
If my voice is lost and you’re still willing
Now’s the time to start the killing
Even if the words you said weren’t spoken
I could only watch my heart was broken
Painting all the lies, I see them clearly
Now I bury it beneath me
Hide away the proof that I had loved you
Never see the truth, that final break through
Tear me into three, until I’m bleeding,
Slice my heart, until you kill

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