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At Daggers Drawn (ft. Jérémiah Zeghers) - lyrics

I can hear a voice
That's howling my name
Dividing myself like love was hate
Making me dig up tearing nails
& bring me to strain
Burning my brain
That can't merge
Forcing me to wince
Prevents me since
My tongue is attracted to the razor edge
I'm holding my hands, I'm biting my lips
& I'm thirsty of a balance
Oh if I could leave
Stuck in a demon's jaw
Disguised as my twin
The wounds are staining the grins while ego is killing humility
Why, the link is raw
While the others seem so quiet
So peaceful
Denial breeds denial
I'm trying to repulse
The hell that's in my head
Common sense is becoming a fucking glitch
Face the fierce
Who wreak havoc
Oh, the mind drifter is collapsing
All endeavor is failing
I can't remember
What was once
The young sane
Before I become a janus
If you could pick up my pieces
And get me closer to the brightness
Give me peace in me
What if I was wrong?
I should accept my entire being
The bastard and the brave
Self acceptance is freeing up
And even behind the storm and rain
The sun will still rise, here.
Will still rise, here.

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