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Bed Reconciliation - lyrics

I saw & I felt
Make this affecting
Make this real
Reconsider these last hours
Ups and downs
Made us grow up
They opened our eyes
Question yourself!
When we are lying
Don't drink my words
When I am smiling
Don't try to see through my eyes
I saw & I felt
What can stir my heart
And I can't find it in a bed
I can't find it with anyone
I thought I could force myself
To make this relationship more than what it is
All our expectations of us
Lead only to a misconception
No spark lights in me
No bird sings on us
This great charm would not be enough for me
You'll never actually understand
What I am
An empire in the sheets
But a beggar in the heart
Everything you brought me withers me away
A man who loved
A cursed man
I understand you blame me
But nothing tickles my knees
Nothing in you reminds me of her
Now you know
That there is no lust in love

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