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Stand upright
I have to seize it not to let it go away
This opportunity to live free
To escape
But I feel it taking off
This occasion slides me as fine sand between fingers (between fingers)
I have to dare to fail
Only those who dare to lose everything
Will live a thriving life
Not be afraid to shipwreck
When the path is simple there is no threat.
The dust is dissipated
Do you feel the thrill?
The loud became quiet
& the stormy became chill
Live and let live
& tempt the fate
Live and let live
& throw it all away
Presentiments don't show up without reason
My legs are already sinking
The hourglass runs out
Drops and pebbles float in the air
Thunder bursts upon my skin
And the sky will flare
Live and let live
& tempt the fate
Let it throw away
Before it's too late
Before the earth swallows your corpse
Stand upright

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