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Tiger's Blood (ft. Adrien Schockert) - lyrics

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I am just feeding scavengers
I am only a few remains
I won't let it go
All these souls that built me...
...and those that have caused my loss
I cursed their souls
Painless and valueless
They will be pillars of my grave
Go on, eat my flesh
Let it choke you
Crows and hyenas
Let it turn your stomach
Dogs and vultures
Taste your own harm
But I didn't worry
About my own life
Their vigilance should not subside cause
I'm suffering so I'm alive
Even if he stumbles,
A man on the edge of the death
Is still alive (x2)
Don't beg me to move
To prove you're right
My body's not a burden
It's a detail
Those who have dropped me
Will dive with me
I will not let them suffer
Those who matter to me
I will keep them away from me
Even if he shivers
A man on the edge of the death
Will still remember
Will still love

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