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Unborn Consecration - lyrics

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Unbridled voracious hatred
Confined in the nightly vold
For centuries in the darkest pit
For centuries at the eternal war
Fusion of unholy slight and wrath
Striking against humanity
Concentrate evil mind searching fo
The unborn consecration
Destiny burns my existence
In my path I'm the only one
Dark side still calling for my name
Infernal screams from the land of the strong ones
Unbridled voracious hatred
Unexpected desctructive fury
Rebellious souls crushing dogmas
I triumph at the darkness
A sea of eternal muddy waves
Mundane wills
Impotent unreal assault
Against a spirit made of steel
From the deepest infernal chasm
The defile where the angels die
Beside the immortal ones I rise
Under the unborn consecration

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