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Towards the rapids
Down the Dnepr did we glide
To cross Esuppi was a wild water ride
And past Holmfors and Geladri did we steer
Her voice like thousand demons
Ringing in our ear
Aifur now before us lies
And we stare with open eyes
Upon the rapid waters racing down
She is dangerous and strong
Slow the ship as we go on
And the currents pull
The dragon down oh down
Aifur the wild
Raging waters over rocks
Sharp as a sword for attack
Aifur the wild
May Thor guide the ship
Past your demons so black
Violent forever more
I stand amidst the boiling waters
Towering high
The rocks are sharp
And slippery watch out or die
Against the currents
40 Viking warriors fight
For many hours now
Until the break of night
Watch your feet never slip
Hold the boat don't lose the grip
All the power worn the strength is gone
Just one more hour and we're through
Aifur now we've challenged you
Come on brothers tug the dragon on

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Miklagard: History of Vikings Vol. II

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