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The legions are marching
Pannonia burns
On the edge of the battle
We wait and I learn
The cruel art of warfare
To wait till it's right
To jump our horses
The battle to decide
500 Barbarians I rule
Ala Germanica
Into battle ride
For glory and for victory
Side by side
Ala Germanica
Arminius lead us on
Defeating Pannonia
In the name of Rome
The thick of the battle
Like the edge of a blade
Receive now my orders
I must no longer wait
We ride under screams
A maelstrom from hell
to kill where we hit
or to die where one fell
Ego Imperator Caesar Divi filius Augustus, te, Arminii, ductorem popularium, pro meritis in bellum Pannonicum ingentissimis tuis ordinem equestrem transduco

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