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As the dragon cuts the waves
Strong winds take us east
Like the wings of a beast
Salt on my lips again
I put my face in the wind
Oh, let the the saga begin
Let the saga begin
Heading where brave have traveled
What eyes have never seen
Miklagard we're on our way
Where few have ever been
Danger, toil and trouble
Death may lie ahead
But I'd rather die in glory
Than fade away in bed
Free, so free
The waves of the see
The taste of the wind
Urging us on and the saga begins
Free, so free
In the storm you will see
Holding on with a grin
Odin with us let the saga begin
From Dorestadt in franconia
The best swords that are made
In gold they be weighted
Amber from Haithabu
The gold of our shore
We got plenty in store
We'll sell on eastern markets
And silken cloth we'll buy
Spices, glass and jewellery
A pleasure to the eye
There is a fortune waiting
For Those who choose this way
A saga to be written
To be told on future days

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Miklagard: History of Vikings Vol. II

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