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As Rurik fought in Novgorod
Askod and Dyr they went on
To build a town on Dnepr's banks
To rise mighty and strong
Look out friends there she lies
In the days fading light
The mighty city of the Rus
In all her beauty and pride
Rising mighty and tall
The castle guarding your walls
On Dnepr's shores you stand
The river's rule you defend
Oh Kiew Kiew
Never to fall
Kiew Kiew
[Repeat chorus]
There's taverns plenty mugs of beer
Ladies give inviting smiles
Just what we need
After weeks on the sea
And we enjoy it all for a while
Many stories we hear
About the rapids ahead
Treacherous and mean like Loki's child
Taking the lives of many man
As Ymir angry and wild
[Repeat chorus x2]

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