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Well you may call me evil
Cause I stole Sif's hair
But I went to Svartalfheim
To settle the fate
And you may claim
Balder's death upon my soul
But you know his light hurt my eyes
And so his life I stole
What would Odin be
Without Gunghir I gave
And to Thor I presented
Mjölnir as a fave
What would Asgard be
Without the wall I had you build
And Sleipnir born of my guilt
Lord of Chaos
Brother of wisdom
The other side of good
Lurking in your mind
Lord of Chaos
By evil kissed and
Your other side
The evil I will find
Thor, when Mjölnir was stolen by Thrym
Was it not me who took you to him
And I saw you in disguise as a wife as a thief
Until mighty Mjölnir you could retrieve
And with Angraboda all right
It was a hot and drunken night
Never knew what she would bear
But for my children I must care
But how dare you bind me
And not let death find me
I swear I'll get you back on Ragnarök

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Arise from Ginnungagap to Ragnarok: History of Vikings Vol. III

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