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Father, I've found a ship
to take me away
Pack my box and get me ready
No time to waste astray
Father, in a week i will be gone
To Miklagard on dragon's wings
There's riches to be won
To Uppsala
Odin and Thor
May they guard my way
Where i've never walked before
Sweden, oh Sweden
My fatherland my home
I pray to see your shores again
Tomorrow i'll be gone
Sweden, oh Sweden
Heathen stronghold in the black
Odin walks amidst your trees
May he guide me back
I saw an old man passing by
Under his cloak the flicker of an eye
As i turned
to ask his name
He was gone just as he came
I know i'm not alone
He will watch me far from home
And his wisdom be the light
And his courage in the fight
Odin, to Uppsala i shall come
To honour you with sacrifice
as it must be done
Oh Odin, i raise my hands to thee and pray
Give me strength and wisdom
There'll be danger in my way

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Miklagard: History of Vikings Vol. II

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