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Snake eyed warriors spot the prey
Wild horses race where dragons lay
Arrows dense and deadly fall
Valkyrias ride as death will call
We turn the boat for shelter now
Arrows knocking on her bough
Wave after wave shot after shot
Stay in shelter save your blood
Save your blood
To grant a taste of steel
My Petschenegan friends
Are you hungry for blood
Well I shall feed you steel
Ground your face in the mud
A taste of taste of steel
Do you move for the kill
Well I shall feed you steel
Feel the battle's thrill
A taste of taste of steel
Dismounted now with battle cry
Petschenegans time to die
Face to face and steel to steel
How does the Norsemen's anger feel
Cut and slice for blood and gore
You want my life what is the score
Here I stand you cowards come
Or trust your heels the living run
Trust your heels
To fight another day
My Petschenegan friends
[Chorus x3]

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Miklagard: History of Vikings Vol. II

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