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I've been to Sicily to fight the Arabs back
In Odin's name I raised my axe for the attack
Serving in Haralds ranks, for honour and for fame
And now we're back in the grand town
To raise our claim
[Pre chorus:]
Storm and fire
We'll provoke to those
Standing in our way, a sanguine river flows
Call on the warriors
Varangians unite
Dethrone the emperor
The gods want us to fight
Remember the good times
When we were young and full of pride
The uprising begins, the palace burns
Head for the storm with us or die
Open the dungeon gates for Harald to break free
Let's follow him in union and for victory
Down To the chapel where the emperor tries to hide
Michael the 5th you're dead and gone, by Odin's might
[Pre chorus]
[Chorus x3]

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Miklagard: History of Vikings Vol. II

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